News – February 2012

February must be pinball time.  Well, I’m thinking it’s pinball restoration and repair month anyway.

In the queue:

  • Firepower (the classic solid state game from Williams)
  • Star Wars (very fun game, maybe my favorite DE after playing it a little)
  • Aladdin’s Castle (nice EM)
  • Playball (old old EM, very cool game)
  • The Shadow (oh boy, love this game, but it needs some TLC)
Feb 20: some more full restoration projects in the queue – all early 1970’s Gottlieb electro-mechanical pinball machines.  Better get busy…
  • Gottlieb Play Ball 
  • Gottlieb Sky Jump
  • Gottlieb Big Shot (tbd)
Also some video games:
  • Atari XO football (you know, with the huge 4.5″ 5lb trackballs).  black and white coolness
  • NFL Blitz to Blitz 2000 / NBA on NBC Showtime conversion.  Plus LED buttons and restoration.  Wicked.



Couple random pics for this month:




Oh, and that cool pinball clock – I want one.  Waiting for the designer to sell it.  Perhaps, we can get some stateside and sell them here at CastleClassicArcade.  It’s made from a real Bally plasma pinball display like this 


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  1. Vanshika 19. May, 2012 at 3:11 am #

    Wow I’d like one of Wow I’d like one of the broken one’s to fix it up.I am retnirosg my High-Speed Pinball machine and taking my time on it making sure I do everything right the first time around.High-Speed is my first owned pinball machine.And although it was a lot more then I expected I am excited to get my HS back to almost new condition. ^.^

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