All Pinball Machines Have A Story…

It was probably the third pinball machine that went through a full tear down when I realized that I was muttering this phrase under my breath.  I now find it quite amusing when I read the classifieds about inexpensive pinball machines that work “all the way.”

They’re quite hidden treasures.  The well hidden hacks, bad fixes and things that didn’t actually work.  Things that I should have found but seemed to overlook.  Perhaps I’m too giddy and excited every time I purchase another machine to restore.  Fortunately, I’m a little more prepared now, but I still plan ahead for the hidden surprise because there is always at least one in every machine.

For example: I have yet to see an early Williams WPC pinball (with the early battery on pcb main boards) not have battery acid damage.  They’re hard to trace sometimes, but it will be there.  Plan ahead.  Sometimes these boards can be salvaged if you’re careful.  Also, a slightly damaged board will actually work, but there will be ghosts in the machine.

Another example: I love it when lighting circuits are rewired because one or more of the drive circuits stopped working some time ago.  This is another typical field hack to get a machine running quick with no apparent care to fix the real problem.  It usually results in overheated and melted portions on the circuit board.

Share your fun hidden hack treasures…

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