News – January 2012

Top of the year to you!  We’re gearing up for a great year full of a variety of video games and larger selection of pinball machines.  They are already selling as fast as we can restore them, so check back often or call us if you are looking for something.  Here’s a snapshot for this month already, but there’s more to come…


We’re currently doing a custom restoration on a classic 1980 Williams Firepower.  This machine encompasses all of what Williams was about in the early 80’s.  Very high tech for the time with digital speech and all the Williams unique sounds (later re-used in video games such as Robotron, Defender, Stargate).  This machine is getting a full cabinet restoration, new game boards, and a rebuild of the playfield.  When new playfields become available, if this machine was then upgraded, it would essentially be brand new.  Otherwise it’s in really good shape for being 32 years old.

We’ve done some interesting repairs on a Megatouch Ion game, that required the motherboard to be reworked.  Man, they really cram a lot of stuff in that little cabinet.


New Items Coming This Month

We’re working to get the following machines ready for purchase in the next 30 days – in no particular order

Williams : NBA Fast Break Pinball

Williams: No Fear – Dangerous Sports Pinball

Williams: High Speed 2 – The Getaway Pinball

Williams: Demolition Man (widebody) Pinball

Multipac Deluxe 27″ – we only do a couple of these a year, and this one is pretty awesome.


The Hangout

We welcome the opening of a new arcade called “The Hangout”.

Here you’ll find a good variety of games such as:

  • World Cup Soccer Pinball
  • Ms.Pacman 60 game Multicade
  • Megatouch multigame
  • San Francisco Rush 2049 Special Edition sit down racing/simulation
  • Shooting arcade
  • Scorpion 9000 full-size digital regulation soft-tip darts
  • Lounge with widescreen TVs and console games
  • Snack bar

Come visit them (address to be updated shortly).   Off South Maple Street (behind Dan’s Discount) in the strip plaza.

The Hangout
Winchester, KY



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