Restored – World Cup Soccer


Another excellent example of a Bally pinball machine.  This WPC generation pinball machine is one of the few sports related pinball machines of the era.  At first glance, this machine appears to look easy and simple minded as the apparent goal is to shoot pinballs past the moving goalie.  Play it a couple more times and you’ll find that this machine is much much deeper with a larger purpose in mind – to beat Germany and win the World Cup.

This pinball machine actually has 2 unique playfield toys: a center mounted goal in the far back of the machine with a moving goalie.  The goalie is also a playfield target, so the machine reacts when you strike him, or in some modes, the idea is to hit the moving goalie.

The other toy is the large spinning soccer ball.  This ball will spin in either direction and will deflect pinballs all over the playfield.  Hit it right and you can score a wild shot past the goalie.

This machine integrates awesome video animations on the large 128×32 DMD display that are timed perfectly with the game play.  This machine also has a unique set of multi-ball modes unique to this machine.

World Cup Soccer also has one of the better light shows with use of deep color elements all over.

There are 2 levels of ramps that are smooth and fast.  At one end is a unique ball lock mechanism powered by an electro-magnet.

This machine is a favorite with beginners because of the playful nature, but very fun and rewarding for the advanced pinball enthusiast.

Only 8,743 units produced.


This machine went through a deep restoration process.  More so than many of our machines.  Other than the typical full top side teardown and replacement of rubber pieces, this machine has:

  • New purple playfield ejection cups.
  • All ramps in perfect condition were flame polished for clarity
  • New ramp direction linkages
  • New goalie target and decals
  • New decals on standup targets and spinner
  • All annodized gold items were turned chrome: wiremold ramp, skill shot, legs.  We believe this machine looks a ton better in chrome than with the gaudy gold annodized parts.
  • New thumper plastics and skill shot diverter
  • Cliffy protectors installed on all ejection cups, start holes and goal.
  • coin door fully rebuilt
  • Full custom LED in playfield, back box, coin door and buttons.
  • new start button
  • new balls
  • new flipper buttons
  • all new flippers and full linkage mechanisms
  • new locks
  • electronics in super original condition.  Display is ultra bright and crisp.
  • custom hand rebuilt soccer ball by us.  Hand painted and clear coated.  No wear!!!!   You wont see another like this.







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