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We offer authentic coin operated arcade game systems from the 80’s, 90’s and today.   From NEW machines, Fully Rebuilt machines to MINT original condition machines, we have the best offering of the most sought after arcade games in the South East – at the lowest prices.

All of our machines are authentic full size commercial systems.  We do not sell home built or after market arcade systems that you can find in the big box stores as those are typically built with substandard parts.  All of our machines are fully equipped commercial units with working locks, coin mechanisms and have all the original commercial grade hardware.  See our FAQ for more information…

All of our fully rebuilt machines are stripped down, gutted and fully restored to better than original condition using new parts whenever possible.

We keep a small but quickly rotating stock in order to maintain the lowest overhead.  If your desired machine is not immediately available, most of the time it is only days away from being completed.

Video Arcades

We specialize in the systems that contain the 25″ horizontally oriented arcade monitor, but also offer 19″ monitor based systems (Ms. Pacman, Galaga, MultiCade) and 27″ based systems (Gauntlet Legends, driving games, multipac deluxe etc).  Our comprehensive offering of the most sought after machines and service cannot be matched in the SouthEast US… make an appointment to come see for yourself.

Pinball Machines

We specialize in Williams / Bally / Midway pinball machines with the DMD (128×32) displays (also known as WPC era machines).  These machines, built between 1991 – 1996 are the pinnacle of pinball technology and the standard in which all other pinball machines are based.  Of course, we also fix and restore all models of pinball from the 1970’s and up.  If you are looking for a particular machine, please contact us.  We can usually locate anything you need and do a full restoration.  See our various pinball restoration blogs for some examples.




Nationwide Shipping:  We do offer door to door shipping across the continental United States on most units.  Shipping rates will vary by distance and number of items.  Shipping includes insurance and warranty program will be limited to parts replacements (as we cannot provide in-house service outside of the Lexington, KY metro area).  Please call or email for details.



What makes our games rebuilt machines so special?  We spend the extra effort to completely reconstruct each machine back to original factory condition.  In most cases, we will upgrade machines to newer commercial grade standards so that they can be properly maintained in the years to come.

Each machine is carefully constructed and fully tested.  We spend countless hours on the details, such as custom graphics interfaces, paint schemes, and hand built control panels using real birch wood (no pressboard or laminate products here).

We take pride in building the finest machines you can buy for thousands less.  Call us, we may have just what you are looking for!



Contact for details, information or for any general questions.

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 (859) 428-7462



Because of our personal attention to detail, we have been able to maintain 100% customer satisfaction with zero return.  Our machines are typically purchased for the home market and small businesses and can also be found in high-end celebrity homes throughout the South East and in locations nationwide.  We were even selected by a major game show “Let’s Make a Deal” to provide arcade games for winning contestants.



Trade In or Upgrade?

If you have an arcade game that you are looking to sell in the Atlanta or Lexington/ Louisville / Cincinnati areas , give us a call (or send an email with pictures).  Or, we can upgrade your current arcade game to the latest game set.  Contact us for a quote.



Market Pricing

We offer our machines at the best possible prices.  There may be slight price fluctuations of finished arcade games as the cost and availability of the donor machines may vary throughout the year.  So if you were referred to us by another party, be aware that your price may be slightly higher or lower.  Prices on this website will always represent current inventory.


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