Arcade Games

We provide a service different from those who simply buy and re-sell amusement equipment.

We truely understand how each arcade game is built and know how to properly rebuild each machine.  In most cases, we can improve on the original design using current technology, but also know when to restore the original parts to preserve authentic game play.  Our attention to detail and original game experience is what sets us off from the rest.

Each of our Castle Classic Arcade restored arcade games will receive:
  • Full tear down and inspection of each part
  • Replacement of all buttons and controls if possible.  Only authentic arcade game controls are used.  We will not use aftermarket or second source parts from overseas.
  • Removal and rebuild (or replacement with same specification) arcade monitor.  We know monitors inside and out.  See our help/blog/articles for more information
  • Authentic arcade cabinet.  We will not use any cabinet that is water damaged or not an authentic commercial arcade cabinet.
  • All molding replaced
  • Full coin mechanism and coin door rebuild with new locks
  • Proper annealed arcade glass
  • Lexan on all covered control panel surfaces.  We will never use plexiglas as it splits and discolors over time.
  • New power supplies
  • All wiring harnesses are correct and safe