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We are masters at repairing and restoring pinball machines.

What makes these machines interesting and difficult to restore is that each machine model is unique.  While they will share many common parts with other machines, all modern pinball machines will have at least one unique and complicated “toy” feature.  These toy features are engineering marvels of their time.  They integrate a custom combination of gears, motors, hall sensors, miniature solenoids, electro-magnets, opto-switches and moving platforms.  After 10-15 years of use, they will finally break down.  We, of course, know how to make all of that work perfectly again.  In many cases, we can improve on the designs such as custom LED lighting.

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Quick Info

There are three categories of pinball machines: Working/shopped,  Restored, and High-end Collector.

Working/Shopped –  These pinball machines are advertised as working and most will have had basic maintenance performed (new rubbers, bulbs working and clean playfield).  This is probably 90% of all pinball machines advertised for sale on the internet and generally what the market pricing is based on.

Restored (Castle Classic Arcade method) – We vastly improve on pinball machines from the working category.

We  properly diagnose and repair all of the commonly broken items, such as:  WPC main PCBs, driver boards, sound boards, display driver boards, flipper mechanicals, burned out transistors, wiring harness issues, battery corrosion damage and cold/broken solder connections.  We also reprogram all ROMs to the latest code (or whatever version you prefer as some earlier versions of software are more desired).

In reality, all pinball machines have already been serviced at least once.  Most of the time, the prior repair was done incorrectly or very poorly.  We will find and correct all of the inadequate rework so that it will not cause issues in years to come.

Additionally, we disassemble every part from the top side of the playfield.  Each part is inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced so that all of the mechanisms are working like they did when they were new.  All ramps are flame polished, stickers replaced (as necessary).  All plastics that are dim or cracked are replaced.

From the bottom side, we will inspect, adjust and replace all worn moving parts.  All flipper mechanisms are replaced regardless of condition and solenoid sleeves are replaced for silky smooth and strong action.

For most machines we replace all bulbs and flashers with custom color LEDs.  See HERE for our reasons why.

We perform the most work possible in order to keep a pinball machine in a price category that will still retain (or gain) market value in the near future.


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High End / Collector – This category of machines is mostly for the pinball collector or to be used as a functional piece of art for your game room / home theatre.  These machines go through such an extensive level of restoration that they come back at better than new condition, but at a higher labor cost.  Every part is removed from the entire machine.  Playfields are removed and replaced or re-painted and clearcoated for protection and super high shine.  Cabinets are sanded down and new graphics are installed (either painted or vinyl as available).  The machine is fully finished to perfect condition outside and super condition inside.   This is a very time consuming effort and some high end pinball shops charge more than $5000 in labor alone.

We also perform this level of service on some machines, but we recommend not going to the extreme to save on labor costs.  For example, we will not typically chrome plate parts that are not not going to visible and will not replace non-visible metal brackets that are clean and functional with new ones.   So our version of High End restoration is much more affordable and still keeps the pinball machine looking and playing better than new in almost every way.  Visit our restoration blogs for examples of our high end restorations


Our Store

Pinball machines are becoming more difficult to find in worthy condition for restoration, as collectors are adding them to their private game rooms; never to be seen again.  As a result, pinball machines are raising in value every year.  As long as you maintain a restored pinball machine from Castle Classic Arcade, we are sure your investment will increase over time.

We are constantly rebuilding pinball machines for sale in our store.  If you do not see a particular machine here for sale, call or email us!  We will either already have one in storage awaiting repair or can usually locate a worthy candidate and restore it for you.  Typically, a full teardown, inspection, repair and restoration may take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks depending on the initial condition and availability of new/re-manufactured parts.


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