What We Do

We also provide on-site service and repair of coin operated arcade games, pinball machines and redemption machines. This service is strictly limited to the greater Lexington, KY area.

If you need us to repair one or more machines, please gather as much information as possible about each machine and the faults they exhibit. Include the make and model.

We have a simple repair policy:  if we cannot fix your machine, then you don’t pay.

We’re very efficient at diagnosing and repairing most machine problems on the first visit.  However, it is possible that we will have to remove a part for repair or order parts. In this event, we’ll confer with you before ordering any items.  Click the image to go to the Repair / Restoration Flat Rate products shop

Basic Repair Info

Our Rate: $75/hr.  On-site diagnosis is free.

Custom orders or specific parts that cost over $100 will need to be paid in advance unless it is an item we can use on another machine.

On-site repairs conditions: area is safe, well lit, has electricity and climate controlled.  If in a place of business, should be done during off-peak or after hours.


Flat Rate Repairs

We also offer flat rate repair services for a variety of common arcade game and pinball machine problems.

Please see our pinball service shop

  • Arcade monitor repair and installation
  • Pinball machine shopping
  • Electro-mechanical pinball machine restoration
  • Pinball machine speaker upgrade
  • Pinball machine LED retrofitting

Other Services Available

  • Pinball full flipper rebuild with new parts.
  • Pinball board repair/replace, corrosion repair.
  • Pinball display repair/replace.
  • Pinball/Arcade – coin door rebuild
  • Arcade conversion to multicade 60 in 1 system.
  • Pinball/Arcade trade-in.
  • Pinball speaker upgrade (full range backbox, subwoofer in cabinet).
  • Arcade game sound system upgrade (2.1 with subwoofer).
  • Pinball cliffy-protector installation.
  • General arcade/redemption machine repairs (hourly rate).


All repairs must be paid in full at time of completion.  

We can create a custom on-line invoice to be paid online if desired.


See also our warranty page

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