Game Dimensions

Arcade Games

  • Place machines at least 4 inches from wall to allow for power cord and air flow.
  • Most machines have built in wheels in the back and can be easily moved around on hard surfaces.
  • Machines may be transported safely upright or on it’s back (preferred).
  • A standard 6 foot bed pickup truck is ideal for transportation.
  • Ms. Pacman/Galaga based machines CAN fit in a large SUV, but just barely.  With all the seats down and no cargo.  Larger machines such as the MultiPAC will not.


Pinball Machines


  • The back box hinges forward for shipping
  • Pinball machines may be moved on their back or upright.  There are feet on the back of the machine.  Legs need to be removed for upright moving first.
  • Remove all pinballs before moving machine upright as they will fly around inside the machine and damage components.
  • With leg levelers may add up to 1 3/4″ to the overall height of the machine.
  • Older EM games have smaller dimensions
  • Widebody pinball machines will have the same overall dimensions, except the cabinet will a couple inches wider, but less than the back box.




Driving Games


  • Measure your entrance doors.  These games are big!
  • Some driving games such as San Francisco Rush / Rock do not separate at the seat.  Do NOT try to move these up or down stairs without full dis-assembly.  You will need to remove the monitor housing, monitor and seat assembly just to make the base platform (sled) light enough.
  • Most driving games such as Midway Cruisin’ series and Rush 2049 DO separate at the seat.  This essentially makes the upright portion the same size as a MultiPac (see above).

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