News – April 2012

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Early spring – YES!  With it comes lots of renewed work.  While we’re busy in the winter months, it was still tough to motivate in the cold and dark.  Thankfully, we have a good 6+ months to operate in the heat which allows us to work later into the day and paint dries so much faster.

This month, we’ve taken on all kinds of restorations this month and we’re happy to oblige:

  • 1964 Rockola Jukebox (amplifier rebuild, tone-arm correction)
  • Big Top gumball machine restoration.  We converted this into latest technology with color changing LEDs and remote control.  Pictures coming soon.
  • Japanese Pachinko machine restoration.
  • Williams F14 Tomcat pinball – collector quality restoration.  This will be a long process and will likely exceed the value of the machine, but it will be just a fantastic piece.  With this, we’re even modifying the flash circuitry to properly drive multiLED flashers.  As well, this machine is going have all the prototype parts retrofitted back in (it may already be a prototype as it has clear flash domes and a clear MARS lamp already installed.  I wonder…
  • Williams Funhouse (in house) – still TBD.
  • Williams Comet (in house).
  • Gottlieb Stargate (in house).
  • Midway NFL Blitz 2000 / NBA on NBC Showtime – with LEDs

Mid April Update

We’re adding more pinball machines for the big party month of May.  Come back and find these items in our store in the next week or so…

  • Williams Terminator 2 Pinball
  • Williams Demolition Man Pinball (Superpin – widebody)
  • Data East Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Pinball
  • Williams F14 clear coat play field
  • New combination deals coming soon (multiple pinball and video/pinball combo packs)

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