News – February 2013

We have some new items in this month…


Megatouch Evo (Force and Ion) flat panel touch screen multi-game machines.  These things are a HUGE hit from kids to adults.  Compact design, small footprint but big in entertainment performance.  We will have limited supply of these machines.  Click HERE for more information


Valley Cougar 8 – Professional full standing soft-tip dart machine.  This machine is the top of the line and has all kinds of single and multi-player game modes.  Includes automatic dart removal and sonar system.  Also includes intelligent single player vs computer action for real life practice games.    Click HERE for more information


Centipede / Millipede / Missle Command Multi Game – This is the official ATARI multi-game release of 3 most sought after trackball games from the 80’s.    Click HERE for more information


Golden Tee Live – The commercial version with 2 monitors and HD resolution.  The final version of this timeless classic.    Click HERE for more information


Midway Cruisin’ USA – Gotta love this cheeky and fun sit down driving game.  Fun for all ages and an inexpensive alternative.    Click HERE for more information



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