News – Sept 2013

New Games

  • New multicade machines are back in stock.  Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Galaga and more all in one machine.
  • Demolition Man Pinball – this wide body pinball has some of the best gadgets in the game.  Ramps galore. 6 ball multiball and more.
  • WWF Royal Rumble – another wide body pinball with a mini play field.  Restored and ready to go.  Will not last long
  • Rapid Fire – This unique machine is what happens when you combine pinball, a chain gun and space invaders.   This is a very rare opportunity to add a game like this to your collection or bar.
  • Alley Cats Shuffle Bowler – Nearly 9′ of awesome.  Shuffle bowling has been around since the 50’s, but this late 1980’s model is what happens when you take the very best, add solid state electronics and full LED conversion.   We usually don’t do machine like this, but it was a rare opportunity to pick up a great arcade game.
  • Williams Cyclone – the 2nd of the roller coaster series, but arguably the best of the bunch.  You know, the one with Ron and Nancy Reagan in the front seats!    Fully restored, new playfield and more.  High End pin for half the price.  Est this fall


Contact Issues

OOPS – Our email was full.   We had no idea that we went over the quota and all incoming email has been blocked.  Perhaps for a couple weeks.    The problem has been fixed.  Sorry !!!


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