News – Summer 2015

We’ve been absolutely slammed… and the weather has finally broken so the work can be done.

Here you will see links being added to all the full restorations going on this Spring and Summer 2015.   ENJOY


Bally Xenon Pinball

  Full restore of this timeless classic

Williams Cyclone Pinball

  Our last one didn’t stay long and we were requested to do another

Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights Pinball

   Actually doing 2 machines at the same time.   Play field restoration and general reconditioning

Bally Globetrotters Pinball

   Reconditioning of original play field and cabinet rebuild

Williams Bride of Pinbot

   FULL ON REBUILD with new play field directly from Germany.   SUPER RARE

Bally Baby Pacman Pinball and Video hybrid

(actually an older restore we just forgot to post)

   Full rebuild of cabinet, play field and much more

Williams High Speed Pinball 

Full rebuild of this classic !   Coming this summer

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