Restored – Bally (1980) Xenon Pinball

Robot Girlfriend 1.0

Pretty much since the beginning of pinball time, women have been depicted on pinball machines to allure the typical patrons.  However, none were so popular as Bally Xenon from 1980. This machine was not only futuristic looking, but employed cutting edge technology that still surprises tech-heads today with what the Bally engineers could accomplish.

Xenon was based off the Bally’s recently designed microprocessor based pinball machines, but stepped it up with the following additions:

  • Auxiliary processor controlled lamp driver board to accomplish a dramatic light show in the cabinet back-box.   This back-box also housed 2 custom back glasses that gave the game a 3D look and feel.  The animation inside the glass would change style and tempo during the game to give a sense of excitement and urgency.
  • Actual sampled audio along with synthesized voice and music.  This machine was known for it’s sexy call-outs during the game and in attract mode.   This was leagues ahead of it’s time.
  • 2-ball multi-ball via the acrylic clear tube suspended above the playfield.  This tube was also lit with chase-lights.


We purchased this game at least 3 years ago and have been collecting parts for this particular restoration.  This has been a back-burner plan for a while, but finally got around to doing the job as originally intended.

Cabinet and backbox

  • sanded down, repaired and sealed
  • 4 stage automotive paint (base, 2 colors and clear coat) inside and out
  • New stainless / chrome hardware including (coin door, side rails, legs, bolts)
  • New speakers, flipper buttons.


  • All boards pulled, reflowed and repaired.
  • Plasma displays replaced with new LED displays for long life and less heat
  • New MPU board for error free play and no battery issues – ever

Playfield Restoration

  • Game completely stripped.  Play field sanded down and repaired.  Multiple stage repaint and re-graphics applied (sandwiched between layers of automotive clear)
  • All new plastic parts (except original graphic pieces that were in excellent condition)
  • Full LED transformation in play field and back box
  • New acrylic multi-ball tube
  • Blue LED multi-ball tube chase light conversion
  • Williams WPC flipper conversion (to make this game play fast and reliable).   Way better design than the old Bally flipper mechanisms.
  • New pop bumpers assemblies and caps
  • Original glass!!! PERFECT condition.  This was a nice surprise.

Pictures BEFORE and AFTER


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