Restored – Stern (2000 DMD) Sharkey’s Shootout Pinball

Not many people have heard of this game, probably due to it’s low production numbers.  However, most people have seen and played it’s older siblings:  Bally Eight Ball and Bally Eight Ball Deluxe (1981).   The Eight Ball Deluxe is considered one of the best designed pins of the era and also has a universally loved billiards theme.

The Stern Sharkey’s Shootout is a re-release of the Eight Ball Deluxe pinball with modern technology:

  • Better graphics on clear coated playfield
  • DMD display and animations
  • Better lighting
  • Better rules and depth
  • Way more reliable hardware
  • Added ramps and playfield toys.
  • Multi-ball

This machine also has some unique features:

  • Magic Eight Ball – where it captures the ball and awards various prizes
  • User controlled outlane pop-up save posts and center save post.   Use the extra flipper buttons individually (or pressed together) to pop up save posts.  This is a very unique and fun feature to pinball.

Drop Targets:

  • The drop targets in this game are very well used.  Each target is associated with a ball number.  Play Eight Ball or Nine Ball as the game modes progress.
  • In Trick shot mode, the game will set up and light certain targets (and drop the rest).


The truth behind this game:  originally this game wasn’t very special to me… because it played horribly.  The reason was that half of the game didn’t work correctly.  Once the machine was reconstructed with new parts, the game rules really showed.  By far, this is way better than the original game from which it was modeled.



This machine, which upon initial view appeared that it only needed some cleaning and TLC.  Well, after finding out that much of it did not work made me understand why it came to me in the first place.

  • Full teardown, cleaning and waxing of playfield.
  • Full LED replacement
  • Backbox color changing LED bar – we pulled out the ugly flourescent light and went with a color changing LEDs.  This was such an improvement!
  • New DMD display
  • All new drop targets and stickers
  • New slingshots
  • New EightBall motor assembly.  This is often ignored!
  • Retextured legs and new hardware including cabinet protectors
  • Refinished cabinet
  • New molding
  • New rubbers and balls
  • All new pop bumpers and fixed and mylar in this area (this area gets a lot of use)
  • Cliffy protector kit on hole.

The result is night and day… and from the pictures, you can tell this is a beautiful and  modern machine!


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