Restored – Williams (1991) Terminator 2 Pinball

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I’m a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Silly, I know.  His movies are pretty campy and most of the products that bare the name seem to be marginal at best.  However, the Terminator series of movies (particularly Judgement Day) aligned well with the peak of pinball in the early 90’s to result in the creation of this timeless classic DMD pin.  Williams made a lot of this machine.  They also got played a lot.  It’s hard to find a T2 now that isn’t worn to pieces.

This particular machine was a good candidate for restoration as the cabinet structure was excellent and the playfield had minor wear around the inserts.  Everything else needed some pretty serious attention.

The circuit boards had been repaired by someone who really didn’t care what it looked like.  The repairs worked fine enough, but there was a lot of extra wiring, re-routing and cut-outs.  All of this had to be replaced back to original condition.  Additionally, the sound board stopped working and the display was malfunctioning when we picked this machine up.

On the playfield, all of the targets were bent, worn and mangled.  The skull was battered (actually looked realistic) and the H/K ship was typically missing.   All repairable, but expensive.  We literally doubled our investment in parts alone on this machine.

Lastly, we converted the entire machine over to carefully selected color matched LEDs and LED flashers.  Additionally, we created custom 3 color LED under cabinet lighting effects  – which will not be available on all restored machines from Castle Classic Arcade.

As a result, this machine came out looking awesome.  Turn the lights down a little, and this machine blows you away with the lighting effects.


Restoration Details

Here’s the breakdown of items that went into this restoration:

  • Cabinet and head repair and repaint
  • metallic graphite gun launcher
  • Playfield strip/touchup/deep polish
  • Insert decals
  • Wireforms chrome polished
  • Ramps flame polished
  • New targets (11)
  • New pop bumpers (3)
  • New chrome skull
  • New H/K ship – with microprocessor controlled LED effects (MOD)
  • New flippers and hardware
  • Rebuild coin door
  • New legs and hardware
  • New cabinet protectors (red)
  • New display
  • New ramp entrance plastics
  • New lane plastics
  • New rubber (white)
  • New flipper buttons
  • New apron stickers
  • Repaired audio board
  • Repaired driver board
  • Repaired CPU board
  • Full LED conversion
  • 3 color LED under cabinet lighting flash effects


Pictures and Video


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