Restored – Williams (1993) Indiana Jones Pinball

This is another “grail” pin that I’ve always wanted to own.  So after some searching, I was able to find an unrestored version that needed some help.  Unfortunately, before I was even started, a good friend of mine wanted to purchase this machine when it was finished.   Oh, well… can’t keep them all!

The original machine was in good working order, technically.   It had already was partially torn down for restoration, but the job ended up being to big for that owner.


In the end, here’s the final restoration notes and custom upgrades:

  • Full Cabinet tear down, sand, repaint and new graphics applied
  • Freshly re-plated shooter gun from a fellow pinball restorer *who recently departed this earth* 🙁   So this machine hopes to honor his life.
  • New DMD display
  • All boards pulled and re-worked.
  • Display panel was early production, and had the prototype inserts already milled out… So we added back the circuit to light them up.
  • Playfields were stripped, repaired, recolored in some areas and many many coats of automotive clear.   This plays very fast now
  • New clear ramp installed
  • Propellor mod added to plane
  • Additional LED lighting added to fighter plane
  • Additional LED lighting added to mini playfield
  • Additional LED lighting added to IDOL
  • Opto circuits repaired (idol, trough etc)
  • LED lighting added to shooter lane
  • Full LED lighting and under cabinet flasher effects
  • Custom 2-tone legs to match cabinet graphics!
  • New plastics as necessary and all new standoffs

Last but not least

We topped the machine off with a NEW in the box – Indiana Jones bush knife – originally licensed from LucasFilm for the first release of the original movie.   It was custom mounted on heavy magnets (so that it would not be marred / damaged and could be removed easily).   Under-lit by color chosen LED lighting.   It’s a sight!




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