Restored – Williams (1994 DMD Widebody) Demolition Man Pinball

Among the pinball collectors and enthusiasts, the Demolition Man machine is considered a “B” title and thus does not get that much attention.  Often, that also means it stays on route longer collecting money where the “A” titles are consumed, restored and put away forever.  This is yet another case of – the collectors got it wrong.

I too dismissed this machine for a long time, because of the typical comments about the movie and back glass artwork.  Agreed, the movie was a little campy, and I’d rather see some action scene for graphics rather than 3 heads.  Luckly, you don’t pay any attention to these things when you’re playing this game.


This machine is one of Williams SuperPin (widebody) designs, which means it was built around a larger budget and encompasses a few more items than a standard size machine.  From initial glance at a typical (dirty) machine, it just looks like a complicated mess.  However, after peeling the layers of this onion, I could see a brilliant web of ramps and features.

The only way to truely appreciate the complicated layers and interwoven ramp systems was to be able to see through them clearly and have the machine lit properly.  So away we went with extensive flame polishing of all the clear plastic ramps.  The result was literally night and day.


Because this machine was so well played, it required a heck of a lot of repair, cleaning and part replacements:

  • New pop bumpers
  • New slingshot plastics
  • Flame polished ramps
  • New flipper bats and linkages
  • All metal parts chrome polished


Additionally, this machine had lots of repairs:

  • Fixed non-working cryo claw
  • Fixed heavy acid damage CPU
  • Fixed ball trough optos
  • Fixed flipper optos
  • Fixed elevator optos
  • DMD display replaced
  • DMD driver board repaired
  • Full LEDs including flashers
  • Under cabinet lighting flash effects
  • New legs and hardware
  • New backglass


The result was like looking at layers of fine jewelry.

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