Restored – WWF Royal Rumble

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WWF Royal Rumble (Data East 1994 Widebody) Pinball

This machine worked for the most part, but was in need of a full tear down.  Found a couple things wrong, bad lighting circuit and a couple of melted coils from failed circuitry.  We also put in new drop targets.

This machine also suffered badly from lamp heat damage – so we did a full LED kit on it… and there are literally a ton of bulbs in this widebody.  Added some color changers in strategic spots and now the game shifts moods nicely.

Again, I kind of agree with the positive reviews on this machine.  It is a under rated pin, and kids absolutley love this thing.  The other pins in the room get completely ignored when this is on.   It’s Time To Rumble!


If the following isn’t an awesome example of before and after, I don’t know what is.   🙂


Before LEDs

After LEDs


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